Glassware on a wodden Tray

Feb 22 2019

An Erotic Story

Scott and I entered the elevator. As I turned to slide the hotel key into the security slot and pushed the top floor button, I could feel him pressing up against me from behind. I looked up and saw his hands on either side of me against the elevator wall, causing me to lose balance and pushing me into the display. Catching myself with my hands against the cool metallic wall, I regained my balance enough to turn around and face his eager mouth. We had just enough time for our tongues to find and savor each other before the doors opened to our floor.
I slid out from underneath his arms and tried to focus on the directional sign containing the various room numbers. I attempted to remember which way down the corridor we would need to go to get to our room. Then I saw it. The arrow was pointing right. Scott followed me out and as we made our way to our door, grabbed me again and spun me around. Kissing me while walking, he forwards and I backwards, we finally made it to the very end. Still having the key in my hand from the elevator floor selection; and with my back against the door; Scott, without ever lifting his lips off mine, deftly grabbed the key from me, reached behind, and opened the door.
The casino hotel building we were in was not your typical rectangular structure. Each end came to a point, much like a ship. Earlier that night I had checked into one of these corner suite points, which along with many other amenities came with its own hot tub in the room. I remembered thinking when I toured the abode prior to my heading to meet Scott, that it was larger than some apartments I had lived in. Two stories with its own elevator, the bottom floor had a full bar, sitting area, guest bath, and office. The top floor had the bedroom with a TV that lowered itself from the ceiling, a dual walk in shower with multiple showerheads, a bathtub that overlooked the strip, and a hot tub in the very corner tip that did the same. There were probably over ten TV screens throughout the accommodations, including those built into the bathroom mirrors. All the outward facing walls were floor to ceiling glass windows with motorized curtains giving a 270-degree view of the Las Vegas valley, from the mountains to the strip. 
Most hotels in Las Vegas these days had a mirrored glass exterior, allowing the occupants of the rooms privacy during the day without having to draw the curtains. However, at night, much like most windows, it was easy to view the interior if the lights were on inside. The redeeming quality of our particular location was not only being on the top floor but also being on the top floor with no immediate neighbors to worry about looking in. Short of a helicopter taking a fly by or a car on the I-15 with binoculars, we could have turned on all the lights and left the curtains retracted without any fear of being seen.
Scott, while making what by most standards would be considered 'good money,' had never been in a hotel room like this. Most people had not. A suite of this caliber typically went for several thousand dollars a night, and even then, was rarely available to anyone who was not a 'high roller' or like me, had friends in high places at that particular property. While the room was not free of charge, it was well worth the money to see the look on Scott's face as we entered.
Being a single mother, my home was out of the question for these types of trysts, and I rarely felt comfortable enough to meet someone at their home either. Fortunately, my paycheck was quite adequate to fund my penchant for experiencing Las Vegas to the fullest whenever the whim struck.
Taking Scott by the hand, I showed him around the suite. When we got to the extreme corner of the room with the hot tub and the corner window seats, we both suffered from a bit of vertigo and walked back towards the bar. I took off my heels, turned on the entertainment system to one of the music channels, and proceeded to make us two gin and tonics.
I walked towards him with a drink in each hand. He ignored the glass proffered in his direction but took advantage of the fact that both of my hands were occupied. He reached in-between my arms and started to unbutton my shirt. Having a bit of a difficulty he asked, "Starch?"
"No, that is just how Brooks Brothers makes their shirts," I responded with a small laugh. Giving me a 'you-are-a-brat' look, I placed the drinks, helped him with the first few buttons, and noted the look of appreciation as I kept the shirt on but in a completely unbuttoned state. His reaction proved my personal theory in regards to the ratio of clothing and skin and how it affected sex appeal. Having gotten glimpses of my bra all night long, now he could admire the full lace pattern before him.
As he slipped out of his shoes, I lifted his shirt over his head to expose the almost hairless but fantastically defined chest. He might not have the bulk of most of my conquests, but his muscle definition would make most plastic action figures jealous. Why did he have to hide this body behind such ill-suited clothes? Reaching to undo his jeans he stopped my hands and said, "You first." 
I moved to unbutton and then unzip my pants showing the lacy front of my string underwear. Enjoying his lingering gaze, I pushed my pants slowly but smoothly down from hips to ankles without bending my legs. My forehead was almost touching my knees as I used my hands to keep the pants pushed to the floor while stepping out of them gently. As I straightened back up, I adjusted the thigh highs, which had an adhesive backing allowing them to stay up without the aid of a garter belt. I could hear Scott catching his breath. Closing the gap between us I walked two steps towards him, raised myself up on the balls of my feet to reach his lips, and while he was distracted with the kiss, I finished removing his jeans. Using the same smooth motion I had used on my own pants, I heard, "My God you are beautiful," as I helped him step out of the denim.
Straightening back up, he took his hands to cup both sides of my face, and kissed me. As the kiss intensified, he slid his hands down my neck and shoulders, never losing contact with my skin as his hands were now cleverly positioned under the fabric of my shirt. With one smooth slow motion, he slid his hands down my arms, undressed me of my shirt in the process and had it land on the floor. His hands dropped down to my waist, and before I realized what was happening, he bent down and forward, and had me tossed over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I was in shock. I was not a petite and delicate little flower and this had never happened to me before. Kicking and screaming, "Let me down!" he walked up the stairs to the second level with me slung over his shoulder. He was no more phased than if he were carrying a pillow. Finally, he placed me back on my feet once we reached the top of the stairs, which were located directly in front of the entrance to the open floor plan bathroom. "Holy hell! I cannot believe you just did that!" I said reacting out of shock and gave him a firm shove with both hands against his chest, inducing him to lose his balance. 
"Took you by surprise did I?" asked Scott laughingly as he stumbled back a few steps to regain his balance and wrapped his arms around my waist, causing us both to wobble. As we accidentally careened into the walk-in shower, we bumped into the controls and inadvertently turned on the multiple showerheads in the process. Shocked by the cold then hot water, we both started laughing and I jumped out as fast as I could, but Scott decided to stay a bit longer.
Soaking wet I found a towel and walked over to the corner with the hot tub and window seats to enjoy the view while I attempted to towel myself dry. Listening to the water being shut off, the A/C kicked on as the vent hit me with a blast of air causing my nipples to stand up through the lacy fabric. I could hear Scott coming up behind me and felt the heat radiating from his body as he pulled my long hair to the side and said, "I am sorry if I threw you off balance." Water dripped down my front, one slow drop at a time, tickling my skin in the process. All thought of the embarrassment of being slung over his shoulder left my mind as I felt the heat of his breath brushing up against the chilled skin of my neck. I arched my back and neck leaning into him.
Feeling his lips and teeth creating a superficial suction on my shoulder, his hands circled to the front enveloping both breasts and moved down the center of my stomach in slight circular massaging movements until they reached hip level. His hands pulled me closer inviting my ass to meet up with his eager and ready cock. Not really being able to help myself, my hips started moving in a wave like motion, massaging it into an even harder state as my head leaned back onto his shoulder. With a sigh, I could feel all vestiges of cognitive thought leaving my brain and my baser instincts taking over.
Slowly, with our bodies pushed into each other, and still wearing my damp thigh highs, bra and g-string he noticed the chill on my dewy skin. He guided me towards the hot tub taking the small steps into the water. Once my foot reached the bottom floor, his arm reached across my chest and turned my body to face his. With my long dripping hair still across my breasts, he reached behind me to undo my bra. He lifted my hair up and over letting it cascade down as I extricated myself out of what now was an even flimsier piece of fabric due to the water and leaving it to dry on the side. With a hand firmly on the small of my back, he pulled me towards him, kissing me, feeling the wet, if somewhat chilled, bare breasts against his radiating chest, I pushed my hips into his. "I could stay like this for hours," is the only coherent thought that registered. 
Leaning me back a tad, his hands reached for my breasts again. "Let me warm them up a bit," is what I heard as his mouth lowered down to engulf one of my nipples. Like a telegraph, I could feel the almost instant electrical communication between the nipple and my underwater grotto as a wave of pleasure echoed between the two body parts. It did not help matters any that his free hand was reaching for my clit and massaging it gently in slow but deliberate circles through the wet fabric. I could already feel myself starting to lose touch with my surroundings and having them fade into the background as the sensation was beginning to take over my mind and body. I did not want to cum so soon, though, so I pulled away, causing a bit of a stir in the water while breaking the suction seal of his mouth on my breast and interrupting the rhythm of his hand. Not fazed by any of this, and with a mesmerizing stare, Scott reached for my waist again and pulled me back into a stirring hug - optimizing on skin-on-skin contact. Slowly rocking against each other in the water with my head on his chest, almost dancing to the music being played over the multiple speakers in the suite, we felt the water lap against our skin. He leaned back, with one hand lifted my chin so as to look into my eyes, and said, "You are one of the most beautiful and sensual women I have ever met." My eyes closed again as he leaned in and hungrily started kissing me. His lips were completely bypassing my brain and despite my prior efforts, my body was feeling like a pinball machine on multi-ball play. There was no escaping the constant currents of electricity coursing through me at that point.
He took a step behind and up, standing on the lowest step in the hot tub, pulled me along with him. The water was now only hip high on me. Slowly keeping one arm at the small of my back, his other arm circled to the front as I came up for air from his kiss. Once it reached my chest, he pushed me at a 90-degree angle until my head reached the water level. Still keeping my hips pressed against his, and with both of my feet touching the floor, and my arms outstretched on the water surface, both of his hands trailed across my arched back and stopped at my butt and thighs. Not knowing what he had in mind while part of my body was still as taut as a newly tuned piano string, part of me was feeling completely relaxed. A beautiful oscillation from the heightened hunger that was all consuming a second or two ago, I took pleasure in the sensation of the water surface against my skin. The miniature waves felt like gentle caresses from another lover cascading from neck to waist playing a soft and light tune along my spine. I closed my eyes and focused on the delightful contrasting heat of the water against my back and the coolness of the air against my once again exposed chest. My nipples responded to the chilled air above by pointing thick and hard skyward of their own volition. They were the only physical betrayal of my body's keen level of sensitivity as the relaxed, but hungry state continued. 
"I want to take you like this," he said lifting my legs up into a dead man's float. I drifted on the steaming water as he moved his hands to pull off my g-string underwear while keeping my thigh highs on my legs. Once he removed the g-string, his hands reached for my ass again and trailed along my legs. Starting at the lace top of my thigh highs, moving along the underside of my knees, then calves, then ankles, he spread my legs apart slightly. His caresses after the already intoxicating kiss were not helping to alleviate the anticipation building inside of my body. I was feeling a familiar ache from the rush of blood to my outer lips and clit as my hunger started to escalate once again.
With my body still skimming the water surface, he pulled me closer and lined up his cock with my pussy. I quivered with anticipation and he could feel me shaking as he put his right hand on my stomach to steady me. The edges of perception were starting to fade again as the blood supply was no longer being driven to my brain as efficiently as it had earlier that evening. Before I could stop my voice, I heard myself saying, "Please, I need you inside of me." My legs wrapped around his waist reiterating my request. I could feel the head of his cock brushing up against my clit, which was feeling as taut as my nerves at that moment. Then, he finally entered me. The instant I felt his cock penetrate my tight and swollen pussy, my back arched on the water, and I could hear both of our voices echoing from the walls. I could not think. He was just such a perfect fit from tip to base that I knew all it would take was a stroke or two for me to cum. 
His hands reached for my waist, establishing the rhythm. I welcomed his fingers massaging my posterior side and my hands reached out to touch his. Grabbing his wrists and forearm, I grasped them tighter and tighter, just as my body automatically squeezed down tighter and tighter around his cock. I could feel the electrical storm of sensations building inside of me. The room started to spin with the force of passion that had taken over every nerve cell and before I knew it, I climaxed. My cum was mixing with the water around us and my body kept pushing out wave after wave of ecstasy. Typically, at this point, most men would be nudged out from the strength of the walls contracting around them; but not Scott. I could see that he was even more turned on after watching me cum. Unbelievably, his erection which had already been like steel just kept increasing in hardness. The plus side of being highly orgasmic and cumming almost as soon as entered is that it tends to pave the way for multiple orgasms for me. Scott already knew this and I could hear his voice as if from far away saying, "I am going to make you cum again," as his thrusts became a bit more intense, and my hands reached for the edge of the hot tub to steady myself. True to his word, the sensation built yet once again. It was unbelievable how effortlessly he was controlling my every thought and movement. How my body kept responding to him like a junkie needing more. Not only was Scott's cock an almost instantaneous pleasure delivery device for me, but it was also more addicting than any crack cocaine on the market. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it had always been harder to get myself to orgasm than it was for me to orgasm during sex, particularly sex with Scott, but when he entered me, once was never enough. This time around, the magnitude had increased and by the time the wave broke again all over him, I was barely aware of any of my surroundings. Scott, however, was still not stopping and before the wave had finished crashing, another was already building up inside of me, stronger and higher than the last one. To think that there was a time, not so long ago, when sex was something I had done as an obligation. I definitely had no ability to put a grocery list together in my head while Scott was creating hurricane after hurricane of orgasms making me feel like I was being turned inside out in the whirlwind of ecstasy. As much as there was something about his shape or size or both that just kept consistently hitting my g-spot over and over again, burning through the haze of the storm of endorphins that were being created, I could also feel the heat of his hands leaving an imprint on my skin. Electricity can only flow once a circuit is complete, one of the reasons why kissing, for me, while climaxing heightens the climax. Right now Scott's hands were serving the same purpose as his lips had, closing that circuit of the electrical hurricane as it kept gathering strength while it crossed back and forth through my body, spinning between his cock and hands. The waves kept getting stronger as they were taking control and I felt like I was being lifted up 20,000 feet into the air. If this kept up, I would need an oxygen mask or suffer from altitude sickness. By the time this orgasm finally peaked and the energy was released all over him once again, you could have told me I was in India during a tsunami and I would have believed you. I was so disoriented. With my body reacting to heights it had not felt for an excruciatingly long time, I could only assume that it was the sheer iron quality of Scott's cock, vigor of his rhythm, and will power, that kept him surrounded by my wet pussy. I could feel it pushing harder and harder down on him with the ever-growing strength of my summits. 
Fighting my way back to reality through the haze of the last orgasm, I opened my eyes and saw Scott watching my brown hair float around my face. Our eyes locked and if it were a tad darker, I think the arc of energy this created between us would probably be visible to the naked eye. Scott had never stopped his rhythm and my head was starting to spin again from the sheer emotion building back up. At this pace, if these were actual hurricanes instead of virtual ones, the National Center in Florida would have to come up with a different naming convention since the alphabet has too few letters to keep up with the "season" Scott was creating in my ever-growing electrically charged anatomy. 
I could feel myself getting ready to crest the wave again. Before I descended from a towering swell into a million impulses all over his divining rod, though, I could see Scott starting to relinquish some of his tightly wound control and finally taking that first step to giving himself over to the moment. There was something different in his eyes. You could almost see the endorphins swimming around in his irises. He seemed to be looking straight into my soul and connecting with me candidly on a level he had never done before. He pushed himself a little harder into me, a little deeper, a little slower but more forceful with each thrust. It was as if he himself was no longer in control of his body either. His hands were holding me a little tighter and even his stance had changed. His voice was a bit rougher and his body was starting to tense. The feedback of his desire did something I thought impossible; it drove me even higher. There was a hunger and urgency in me now, of such a level, which had not been there a moment ago. 
Despite having already climaxed several times in successive burst, seeing him getting ready to cum, however, focused me entirely on the gluttony of consuming him. All I knew at that moment was my body wanted more. It wanted achingly all of him inside of me, now! My legs gripped tighter around him, pushing him further into me until I could feel the base of his shaft at my entrance. Staring into my eyes, he called out my name and I could feel his balls getting tighter up against me. His cock was starting to pulsate and was working to move his cum up his shaft. Time seemed to stand still as I could feel the movement of his cum from base to tip and then, in a perfectly timed simultaneous explosion, I felt the sudden heat of him as he shot himself towards my back wall. He seemed to have an endless supply stored up as wave after wave was gushing out of him and kept being shot up inside of me. The heat of his cum alone was raising my body temperature a degree or two as I responded to every outpour of his by arching up and taking him in deeper. My body felt like it was being struck by lightning with such ferocity that I could almost picture myself disintegrating on the spot. I had him now. The evidence of his desire for me was trapped inside of my walls mixing with my own. After that, neither one of us could possibly have another orgasm left in us. Or could we?
Spent and reeling from the sheer force of our mutual orgasm, for a few moments, the only audible sound reflecting from the water surface and the walls, was our breathing mixed with the sound of the water itself as it moved expending its own energy in order to regain the calm and level surface we initially stepped into.
"So, what's your name again?" Scott asked jokingly.
Dreamily I responded, "Your 'mind-wipe' mission is accomplished."
Legs shaking and still inside of me, he moved towards the edge until his ass found the other step and leaned back into an almost sitting position. My back arched and rose from the water with my hair trailing behind me creating a little waterfall as my head lifted up. With my legs still around him and making sure that we stayed connected like two Lego pieces, my arms wrapped around his neck and my head rested on his shoulder. My hips were adjusting against his in the position transition. Incredibly, he was still hard, and I was still wet. Unconsciously at first, and then as an idea dawned in my head, with a wicked purpose, my hips continued to move up against his ever so slightly. My lips found the soft spot on his neck. Kissing him delicately and distracting him from my hips moving against his, I could hear the sound of my kisses echoing back from the hotel walls and from the water on his neck. He could feel the water from my hair drip down his back while my hips never stopped their leisurely rhythm. I knew from experience that this is where the greater share of men were highly vulnerable. In this fashion, instinct was not being overruled by conscious thought. Relaxed and expecting to bask in the afterglow, all of a sudden Scott felt it! The aftershock brought on by my continued rocking after the fact! That last bit of cum rising from his balls coursing through his cock and splashing against the tight walls of my pussy. My plan worked too well, however. Not only had I triggered the aftershock in him, but, after what I thought was all that I had to give, I gasped and felt my own jolt in answer to his as my pussy was tightening down again. This time, though, I was able to gather my wits about me first.
"And this is me getting even for the 'mind-wipe,'" I whispered into his ear. I could feel his body vibrate with small laughter in answer followed up with a content sigh.
We stay that way for a while, our breathing echoing back from the walls, rocking against each other gently as the water was caressing our waists. The warm water dripped from my hair down his back, enveloping him like a soft blanket. Once the room finally stops spinning altogether, I lifted my head off his shoulder as my warm wet hair slid along his back and off. Knowing that Scott's erection would never soften as long as he was still inside of me, despite his two back-to-back orgasms, I lifted up from his still unbelievably hard cock, stepped out of the hot tub and made my way to the bathroom where I proceeded to take off my soaking wet thigh highs. 
Finding a towel and a robe, I towel dried my hair and wrapped myself up in the robe. Heading back to the bar, I tossed the watered-down gin and tonic and made two fresh drinks. Leaving one on the counter for Scott, I took the other with me on the couch and curled up with my drink and my warm thoughts. I closed my eyes until I could feel Scott's lips on mine and heard his voice, "So tell me more about Ken. What happened next?"