Glassware on a wodden Tray

Feb 22 2019

My Wheelhouse

I get asked a lot about my likes and that is a very long list ... to sum it up though ... I tend to be the definition of a sensual individual ...  so .. for example ... when I lived in South Florida I would stand on the beach during a rainstorm ... wearing little more than a wrap and a bikini ... and while outside by the ocean ... I would close my eyes as the warm raindrops would trace my face ... my shoulders ... my stomach ... my legs ... running down the length of my body.  My long hair, drenched with water, would be blown back or at times even straight up. And I would just stand there, with the sand silky between my toes ... feeling the wind gliding over and hugging every part of my skin ... watching the ocean as the waves came crashing over the sand ... and have my ears filled with the noise of the orchestration. Licking my lips, I could taste the salt of the ocean and my nose was filled with the scent of the metals and minerals.

I don't know .. does that kind of give you an idea what I am like? :-)