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My Body Type

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If you don't know the term RUBENESQUE or BUXOM- DON'T Book an Appointment with me - until you have looked it up!

Managing Expectations

I have fought weight ever since I can remember and have never been considered petite or delicate. Not only am I 5'9, but after taking part in a weight loss study (having lost over 100lbs and maintained it for several years) where my entire body and brain were poked and prodded, I discovered that I am genuinely big-boned. Not only do I have 10% more bone mass, but my bone density is higher as well, as is my muscle density. And that, dear friends, is why even at my absolute skinniest, terms such as 'amazonian', 'big girl,' 'plus size,' and even 'bbw' have been applied to me. My "no less than" weight, as calculated by my doctor, based upon the stats I just provided, is 175lbs. Anything less, and I look emaciated and turn into a walking skeleton.

Even Pictures have Relative Bias.

Words such as rich, poor, expensive, cheap, tall, short, skinny, heavy, bbw, curvey, a-few-extra-pounds are all relative terms and have very different meanings to people based upon their experiences. And as most actors can attest, even pictures of a person can be misleading. I met Shaq and was expecting him to be tall, but I was amazed at how 'massive' he was. I also met Tom Cruise and knew he was shorter than he claimed (5'6 vs. 5'10), but I was not expecting to be able to wrap my arms around him several times.

This type of confusion is why I prefer the term 'Rubenesque' over 'BBW' or 'Amazonian' over 'Athletic.' 'Rubenesque' and 'Amazonian' have pictorial references as definitions, whereas 'BBW' and 'Athletic' have meanings that change from person to person.

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Recent Weightloss

During the COVID shutdowns, I gained what, even for me, was a lot of weight. Since June 2023, I have been taking weight loss shots and going to the gym daily. The weight loss is significant and steady (05/25/2024 85lbs down. 45lbs left).

Photoshoots are laborious and time consuming. I updated my pictures on this site on May 25, 2024 and will do so again in a few months. If you are curious what my face looks like, all you have to do is send a recent face picture of you, and I will respond with multiple recent face/upper body pictures of my own.